What’s PresidentDoge’s contract and BSCscan page?

Contract is 0x4aE80e0414A188f91DEBfb9e71C67153bFBE5F9e. BSCscan page can be found here: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4aE80e0414A188f91DEBfb9e71C67153bFBE5F9e

Where can I buy PresidentDoge?

You can buy PresidentDoge at this link: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x4ae80e0414a188f91debfb9e71c67153bfbe5f9e

How the BNB redistribution works?

It’s simple. 3% on buy orders and 5% on sell orders is taxed in BNB and redistributed to token holders with a ration based on their holding amount. You must hold a minimum of (1B) tokens to receive rewards. You must also hold 24h or more to start receiving them. BNB rewards are distributed every 60 minutes.

What’s the team behind President Doge?

President Doge was developed by a team of 6 crypto enthusiasts from Italy, Estonia, Ukraine and Switzerland. We have been in cryptos for many years. Some of us have been active since 2016 as investors, ICO fundraisers, crypto marketers. In 2020, we have teamed up as a development team and have helped developing and launching 4 successful projects. Combined, they reached $300M+ in market cap and they are still alive on the market.

What are the projects this team was involved with?

Cryptos have varied and still vague regulations all across the globe and anonymity is always advised. There are many interests involved and it’s a risky venture overall. We won’t disclose the names of the previous projects but we think that President Doge’s quality of work speaks loud and vouches for our expertise.

What’s unique about the contract?

The contract has been written from scratch by our developer. It’s not a copy-paste or a fork of an existing contract. We wrote it in full combining those we think are the best functionalities currently available. Our functions and protocols make our contract and overall project stand out and aim for incredible results.

Is the contract audited?

The contract has been written by our senior dev and then audited by a second set of eyes, our second dev in the team. We will have it fully audited by Techrate and the report will be visible at presidentdoge.com/audit.

Are the devs doxxed? Will ownership be renounced?

This answer needs a premise. Doxxing devs have become kind of a standard request in the token launches space. We can assure that 99% of times projects claiming their devs are doxxed are lying or partially covering the truth. The truth is that a project NEEDS an active dev on seat. Devs are like the machinists on a running train. They are needed for the train to run smooth and take control and then fix issues if they arise. Our devs will have no wallet allocated. And more importantly, contract ownership will be renounced as soon as we are 1000% positive the contract is fully working and operational in all its single functions.

Does the team have a wallet?

A crypto project needs tokens for several operations. Token supply is needed to establish partnerships, add liquidity on exchanges and platforms, pay and get influencers/ambassadors involved and so on. Our team has a 5% wallet allocated that will be locked and vested over 5 months, released at 20% a month.

Is there a Presale round?

We had no Presale, Private Sale or Seed rounds. We only had a limited, Friends & Family fundraising to fund liquidity. Their tokens will be vested and locked.

What will the Market Cap be at launch?

With a listing price of $0.0000000022 and a circulating supply of around 75T (10T is burned, 10% is locked for staking, 5T is locked into the team wallet), the initial Market Cap will be around $165,000.

What amount of liquidity will be added?

We expect to add a total of $80,000 worth of liquidity, in tokens and BNB.

When and where will you lock the liquidity?

LP will be locked through Unicrypt. It will be locked for 1 year. We expect to lock it right after launch.

When and where the contract will be revealed?

To avoid bots and snipers, contract will be published only at launch, on our Telegram and Website. There is no early access or contract publishing, anywhere.

What slippage should I use to buy?

If you are planning to buy at launch, in the first 30min, we suggest a slippage of 40-50%. At any other time, 10-13% should be more than enough.

How to make sure the contract is legit?

Once released, you can take your time and read the contract on our BSCscan page. Or you can make a small buy order and test selling it. A full audit will be published anywhere between 3 and 5 days after launch.

What’s the long term objective?

The mail goal is having a strong, passionate and active community growing along with our market cap. We hope for an ever growing token holders base. Our objective is to grow in a steady and healthy way. We have a dense and fully laid out roadmap with major developments. Each of them has a delivery date and we will work hard to deliver on time and exceed your expectations.

What is the marketing plan in place?

We have many years of experience when it comes to cryptos hitting the market. From 2016-18 ICOs to 2020-21 IDOs and past months DEXs launches. We are strongly confident about not pushing marketing too much in the Pre-Launch phase and let just the organic ball rolling. We are building our community organically and we have seen an incredible amount of hype and excitement. Real, planned and effective marketing will take place Post-Launch with a series of digital marketing campaigns across channels, social media promotions, local and billboards ads, influencers and ambassadors and a strong communication campaign through press, announcements. At the core, there will be a neat and professional developments rollout.

What are the main developments ahead?

First will be our native Tokens Swap platform where you will be able to swap bep20 tokens with few clicks and minimal fees. That’s few weeks away. Our staking is close to delivery as well as we have developed few farms and staking platforms in the recent past already. On our farm you will be able to stake any other meme token and profitably farm President Doge. We are planning to mint several NFTs with President Doge as protagonist and soon after build our own NFT Marketplace, integrated with OpenSea backend. On a side we will be development numerous fun and addicting tools such as Arcade Videogames, Cartoons and Comics. A main milestone will be the release of our Mobile App on the Apple and Android store.

What’s the utility of the token?

President Doge is the utility token serving as the exchange medium in our ecosystem. Holding President Doge will give you rewards in your wallet, automatically. It will give back to animal non-profit organizations. It will get you discounted fees on our Swap platform and higher APY on our Staking platform. It will let you participate to contests, airdrops and giveaways. It will get you no-fee bidding on our NFT marketplace and many more benefits.

What charities you will donate to?

We have picked 3 well known, international organizations with a strong track record and  strong trust worldwide. Each time our charity wallet will accumulate $50.000+, we will ask our community what cause they want to donate to. If the charity is not accepting cryptos, we will use a third party provider to swap from cryptos to dollars.

What exchanges will you trade on?

Our main exchange it is and will always be PancakeSwap. Our smart-contract is natively written to be functioning with the PancakeSwap router. All its functions and rewards are directly connected to the router. Later on we will add some centralized exchanges to allow a broader audience to become part of our community. Stay tuned.

JUST LAUNCHED - CONTRACT: 0x4aE80e0414A188f91DEBfb9e71C67153bFBE5F9e